Trash Or Treasure

Teams play a game of guesswork, bluff & reasoning, assessing the age and value of retro items

30 minutes - 2 hours
8 - Unlimited


In Trash or Treasure, teams are presented with a series of items, some kitsch and some classic. As a team, participants wander around viewing and touching with care a series of retro items like a vinyl record, 1960s magazine, box brownie cameras, novelty radio, toy robot or a retro television. Their challenge is to accurately guess the age, original price and current value of each item. Scores are tallied and the winning teams are awarded trophies or certificates in a mock gala awards presentation. Trash or Treasure is a fun and sophisticated evening event or pre-dinner reception.

Learning Outcomes

Trash or Treasure is a unique networking tool that cleverly stimulates discussion, wit and storytelling to create a sociable and positive atmosphere. Effective communication and decision making are required to ensure guesstimates are reflective of the whole team not simply one individual. An engaging and current theme, Trash or Treasure leaves participants with lasting shared memories and connections.

Related Testimonial

To our new interns retro is cool. Trash or Treasure was an interesting, informal exercise for those involved and for us as management a way of observing individuals approach to teamwork, effective communication and decision making.

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